Addy Rescue Mission

We serve members of the Areas served (i.e., community, zip code) Arden, South & Middle Basin, Blue Creek, Gifford, Swiss Valley, Addy, Dry Creek, Summit Valley, and Marble Valley communities.

We provided food, clothing, personal care items, used household items, linens and other miscellaneous items.  Services include meals on wheels, bible study, weekly AA meetings, Christian counseling, community holiday boxes and dinners, Tree of Sharing.

Our mission is a free will organization of people who love Jesus and show that love by helping others.  To love and serve our fellow man in any way needed according to our existing resources.

Mailing Address: P O. Box 38, Addy WA 99109

Food Pickup Location:
Addy Rescue Mission
1390 Main Street
Addy, WA

Food Distribution:
9:00 am - 2:00pm

For more information, please contact:

Sallie Uhden


Jeanne Nixon