Get involved in small or big ways to help us solve hunger in our communities.

Volunteers are the backbone of the N.E.W. Hunger Coalition.  Most of our food pantries are entirely volunteer run, so you can start where you live.

Photo by Nikoline Arns


Serve at your local food pantry by unloading and bagging food or helping people connect with the resources they need. Contact any one of them from "Our Food Pantry List" and selecting the pantry nearest you.

The N.E.W. Hunger Coalition is looking for passionate volunteers. Consider the following opportunities:

  • Donate-A-Row
    Plant an extra row for the Hunger Coalition or share your extra garden produce and NEWHC will get it delivered to a food pantry in need.  Call Stephani to join this program: 509-690-2460.
  • Glean: are you able to pick fruit and vegetables and bring it to NEWHC? Call Stephani at 509-690-2460.
  • Giving Financially-sign up to donate monthly through the donate link.  Reliable financial contributions keep us serving and feeding our neighbors. Would you consider giving monthly?  Even small monthly donations give financial stability to our mission.
  • Do you have extra gardening materials, vegetable seeds, garden pots/planters or soil? Consider donating them to our Grow Your Own Row Program.  We will share your excess with those who can't afford them and teach them gardening skills. Call Kyla Lewinsohn: 360-999-9495.
  • Participate in a community fundraiser: be innovative and creative, do you have a opportunity or event that might further our cause, get the word out, bring in support?
  • Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Farm2FoodPantry.

Local Farmers

  • Donate your extra produce or professionally processed meat to our food pantries.
  • Become a Farm to Food Pantry contracted farmer: Call Stephani 509-690-2460
  • Is there a gleaning opportunity at your farm or a farm you know during or at the end of the season? We will arrange for responsible volunteers to gather produce and NEWHC will transport it to food pantries in need.


Give back to the community by becoming a NEW Hunger Coalition financial sponsor. Tap the donate button above.

Hold an annual food drive at your business.  Perhaps run a turkey drive-$20 buys a holiday meal for a family in need.

Our food banks and member association buildings and facilities are almost all maintained through volunteer labor or services offered at cost. We could use your help!

  • Offer products (building materials, plumbing fixtures, or commercial refrigeration fixtures)
  • Offer professional services (vehicle maintenance, plumbing and electrical services, flooring installation, or computer and IT support)
  • Are you a media company-write an article or announcement for NEWHC and help us get the word out to help us end hunger.


Does your school or class need a fundraising project?

Would your school or class like to plant and grow food for your food bank?

Contact Us to learn more

We would love to help you find the best way to contribute your talents and time to help solve hunger in our communities.