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Do you have extra produce?

Call your food bank NOW!

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No Amount of Produce is Too Big

Donate Surplus Garden Produce


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Plant a Row

for your LOCAL Food Bank


Providence N.E.W. Hunger Coalition Membership

Members – currently 25 members and growing


Kitty with a quilt for the Loon Lake Food Bank
Kitty with a quilt for the Loon Lake Food Bank

To become a member of the Providence N.E.W. Hunger Coalition;

WSU Stevens County Extension 986 S. Main Colville, 99114

For more information contact: Gael Treesiwin, WSU Stevens County Extension (509) 684-2588 or cell: (206) 932-9385 g.treesiwin@wsu.edu  or Michele Sakurai, Director of Pastoral Care, Mt. Carmel Hospital:  (cell) (208) 401 6435 michele.sakurai@providence.org


Members – currently 25 members and growing

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1.    Colville Food Bank

2.    Northport Food Bank

3.    WSU Stevens County Extension

4.    Loon Lake Food Bank

5.    Ione Food Bank

6.    The Center – A Place for Youth

7.    Hunters Food Bank

8.    Cusick Food Bank

9.    Libraries of Stevens County

10.    Kettle Falls Food Bank

11.    Orient Food Bank

12.    Providence of Stevens County

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13.    Ford Food Pantry

14.    Feeding on the Spot

15.    UMC/Ministerial Association

16.    Tum Tum Food Bank

17.    Kids Program (Summer Lunch)

18.    County Commissioners

19.    Rural Resources

20.    School Districts

21.    Valley Food Bank

22.    Bethel Ministries

23.    The People’s Pantry – Republic