Republic Food Bank

Republic 1

Welcome to The People’s Pantry, Republic

Contact:    Barbara Coyle, Pantry Coordinator
                509-775-3874 or 509-680-0815 

Pantry Address and hours:

Republic:    925 S. Keller St., open 1:30-3:30 on Thursdays
Curlew        Curlew Presbyterian Church, open 10:00-11:00, second and fourth Thursdays
Delivery to seniors and homebound in Republic:  last Thursday of the month.

Mailing address:   P O. Box 1114, Republic, WA  99166

Mission:  The People’s Pantry mission is to offer food assistance to households in Ferry County by providing groceries for nutritious, balanced meals for one day per week per household whose income is within state guidelines for assistance.  All who come are served with dignity and good-neighbor hospitality and without judgment for their life circumstances.

Some history info:

The People’s Pantry of Republic, a non-profit community food bank for northern Ferry County, began in the basement of First Presbyterian Church in March, 2003.  The mill had recently closed, people were unemployed, and a man from Moses Lake called the pastor, Barbara Baum (now Coyle) to say the people had heard of needs and would bring a carload of food the next day!  With Biblical mandate to feed the hungry, extend hospitality to strangers and particularly to love our neighbors, the Session of the church embraced the Pantry as a mission of the church, although no one knew quite what to do next—or what would happen next!  Leap of faith!  The workers and the answers came.  In early May, 2003, the Pantry opened its basement window to the community.  In October, 2003, a satellite site began at Curlew Presbyterian Church.

The People’s Pantry began with a leap of faith, grew and grew and grew until it squeezed the church right out of its own basement.  It was time for a move in December, 2011.  The program continues as a mission of First Presbyterian Church, with oversight of and accountability to the church Session.  Rev. Coyle, now “retired,”is the Pantry coordinator.

Our neighbors in northern Ferry County are our customers.  Anyone who needs grocery assistance is welcome the Pantry assistance guidelines generally follow government low-income guidelines.  The Pantry does its best to provide one day of groceries per household each week.  Currently there are approximately 400 families on the rolls, and the Pantry distributes about 10,000 pounds of food each month in the two sites and delivery to homebound and seniors.  This is a lot of groceries, and the Pantry appreciates all help!  We have always been served by a dedicated all-volunteer staff.  Grants of groceries and funds come through some partner agencies and donations from local and sometimes far-away pantry friends.  Customers love the variety of donations brought from community food drives and the many pounds of fresh produce each summer and fall harvest from local gardeners.   Cash donations are always welcome to help brace our budget for the year.

Barbara Coyle, People’s Pantry

A variety of local garden donations brought to People’s Pantry by our community friends today.  Yum!!!!!